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In order to tell the history of Rand Girls’ School before 1994, we need to go back as far as 1921.  During those years there was no Afrikaans high school in the vicinity of the Witwatersrand.  True to the nature of the Afrikaner, it was very important to them to have their children schooled in the mother tongue.  This would then lead to the establishment of Helpmekaar Hoërskool in Braamfontein. 
During the early years of the school it housed both boys and girls.  Hoër Meisieskool Helpmekaar was only formed in 1940 due to the fact that the school building could no longer house the number of learners enrolled into the school.  The two schools separated in July 1940.  The newly formed Helpmekaar Meisieskool started off with 318 learners, but no building.  They shared classes with other schools while searching for appropriate premises.  As fate would have it, they were fortunate to get hold of the premises right opposite the Helpmekaar Seunskool. The school opened on 30 June 1948 with only 8 class rooms ready.
In 1991 Hoër Meisieskool Helpmekaar became the first school to open its doors to other races.  We embraced this exciting challenge with an open mind and the school has never looked back.
We realised that we were not effectively serving the community in which we were situated and started thinking about opening their doors to English speaking learners.  We decided to change the name and uniform too, to accompany the new change.  All these changes would fit in with the newly gained character of the school.  Further changes were necessary to prevent confusion with Helpmekaar Private School (the previous Hoër Seunskool Helpmekaar). 
In 1995 the school reopened their doors as Rand Meisieskool/Girls’ School and out motto became “Help Mekaar” (help each other).
Ms V Pretorius was the first principal of Rand Girls’ School, and when she retired Ms MG Jordaan was appointed in 1996-2007.  Mrs A de la Rey is the third principal of Rand Girls’ School, appointed in 2008.

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